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Redding Area Gas Prices -

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Shasta Lake -

Burney Falls State Park
McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

Shasta Dam info -

Lake Shasta Caverns

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Shasta State Historic Park
Located on Highway 299 about 10 miles west of the City of Redding.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park

Castle Crags State Park

Subway Cave

Sacramento River Trail (and other Redding trails)

Mt. Shasta Ski Park

Schreder Planetarium (in Redding)

Redding Museums

Turtle Bay Exploration Park

Business Directories
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Auto marketplace at

Classified Ads at

Community Events
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Redding, California Event Calendar -

July 4th Freedom Festival
Fireworks in Redding, California at the Redding Convention Center

Shasta College Events

Community Events -

Shingletown Events

Shasta Damboree (In the City of Shasta Lake)

Redding Rodeo Week Activities -

Redding Rodeo Week Activities -

Redding Rodeo

Shasta District Fair

Kool April Nites (Classic Car Show)

Christmas Parade in Redding


Ducky Derby

Redding Beer & Wine Festival

Turtle Bay Art & Craft Faire

Redding Marathon info at SWEAT Running Club website

Redding Air Show

MarketFest (Market Fest)

Lemurian Shasta Classic Bike Race
Mountain Bike Race

Big Bike Weekend

After Five - The North State Magazine -

Elected Officials
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Redding City Council

Shasta Lake City Council

Anderson City Council

Shasta County Supervisors

Shasta County Supervisors Districts Map

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After Five - The North State Magazine -

Cinemark Movies 10 (Old Alturas Rd., Redding)

Cinemark Movies 8 (Park Marina Circle, Redding)

Redding Convention Center
Find out about upcoming musical performances, comedians, Broadway-style productions and more.
(Also known as the "Civic Auditorium" to many long-time residents.)

Old City Hall Arts Center

Riverfront Playhouse

Cascade Theatre -

Cascade Theater -

Redding Ballet Academie - Redding City Ballet

Shasta College Events

Win-River Casino

California Lotto Numbers

Forums (Message Boards)
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City of Redding, California

City of Shasta Lake, California
The City of Shasta Lake is just north of Redding.

City of Anderson, California
The City of Anderson is just south of Redding.

Shasta County, California
The official page of the Shasta County's government.

Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA)

Shasta County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFco)

Superior Court of California - County of Shasta

Bureau of Land Management - Redding office

Shasta Public Libraries
Shasta County Library

Shasta County Regional Transportation Planning Agency (SCRTPA)

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Mercy Medical Center

Shasta Regional Medical Center

Patients' Hospital

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The Shasta Podcaster

Doni Greenberg - Food for Thought

Redding Record-Searchlight -
Redding's largest newspaper

KQMS 1400 AM News Radio
Talk radio and news for the Redding area

KRCR NewsChannel 7 TV
Redding's ABC affiliate

KNVN Channel 24 TV
NBC affiliate

KHSL TV Channel 12 TV
CBS affiliate

KIXE Channel 9
PBS - Public Television

Redding Community Access Corporation - Channel 11
TV for the Community, by the Community

Jefferson Public Radio

KFPR 88.9 FM - Northstate Public Radio

Shasta Lake Radio
Internet Music Station

Main Menu

Doni Greenberg - Food for Thought

The Shasta Podcaster

Redding Record-Searchlight -
Redding's largest newspaper

KRCR NewsChannel 7 (Redding)
Redding's ABC affiliate

KQMS 1400 AM - News Radio
Talk radio and news for the Redding area.

Enjoy Magazine
The magazine all about Northern California Living

After Five
The North State Magazine
Links to the web's best news sources

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Asphalt Cowboys (Rodeo Week Events)

Libertarian Party of Shasta County, California

Cascade Theatre (Cascade Theater)

Redding Ballet Academie - Redding City Ballet

Shasta Lake Garden Project

American Red Cross - Shasta Area

Redding Peace Officers Association

Shasta County Arts Council

The Rat Pack - 4 Wheel Drive Club

Redding Mountain Biking Club

Redding Aquatic Center

Haven Humane Society

The Golden Umbrella - Senior Multi-Service Agency

Benton Dog Park

Inventors' Alliance of Northern California

Shasta Historical Society

Shasta Cascade Amateur Radio Society

Shasta-Tehama Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Redding Trade Club

Rotary Clubs of Redding California

Redding Host Lions Club

Redding Breakfast Lions Club

Shasta Cascade Rail Preservation Society

Redding Rancheria

Food Not Bombs

Western Shasta Resource Conservation District

Shasta Head Start - Child Development, Inc.

Shasta Senior Nutrition Program

Shasta Family YMCA

Shasta Family YMCA - PlusONE Mentors Program

Seniors On-The-Go / A Club For Active People 50 And Over

Wintu Audubon Society

Redding Bonsai Club

Redding British Car Club

Viva Downtown Redding

Redding Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
A group that is opposing the fluoridation of Redding's drinking water. (No Fluoride.)

NorCal Boomtown BMX

Central Valley Bulldogs

Northern California Federation of Youth Football and Cheer

Whiskeytown Sailing Club

Redding Firefighters Association

Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce

Shasta Lake Chamber of Commerce
City of Shasta Lake, California

Anderson Chamber of Commerce
Anderson, California

Shasta Regional Community Foundation

Northern Gateway Chorus - Sweet Adelines International

Western Open Fiddle Championships

Help Inc. (suicide prevention)

North Valley Catholic Social Services

Sacramento Watershed Action Group

Shasta Community Health Center

Shasta County Opportunity Center

Shasta County Labor Market Information

Smart Business Resource Center

Redding Macintosh Users Group (RMUG)

The Shasta County Peace Officer Memorial Coalition

Boy Scouts of America - Golden Empire Council

Shasta Kart Klub

Redding Rodeo Association

The Empire Recovery Center

The McConnell Foundation

Cantara Trustee Council

Superior California Economic Development

No Room for Racism

Leadership Redding

The Quilters' Sew-Ciety of Redding, California

Shasta County Meth Task Force

The Redding Improv Players

Shasta Wonderland Elite Athletic Team

Redding Velo Cycling Club

Redding Rotary

The Shasta Genealogical Society

Shasta Wheelmen Bicycling Club

We Ski II - Northern California Adventurers

IBM/PC Users Group of Redding

Shasta County Sports Hall of Fame

Shasta Kennel Club

Shasta Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Redding Swim Team (Redding Aqua Ducks)

Shasta County Women's Refuge

Shasta Atheists and Freethinkers

Shasta County Economic Development Corporation

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Shasta Lake, CA

Redding Dance Club

Redding Dirt Riders

Redding California Harley Owners Group

Redding Drag Strip

United Way of Nothern California - Shasta Chapter

Public Safety
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Redding Police Department

Redding Fire Department

Shasta County Sheriff

Shasta County Marshal's Office

Anderson Police Department

Shasta County Fire Department

Shasta Lake Fire District

CHP - California Highway Patrol

The Shasta Area Safety Communications Agency (9-1-1 dispatchers)

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Related Websites
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U.S. Census Bureau: Shasta County QuickFacts

Redding info at

The Redding Metro Report

The Shasta County Link Page

Road Conditions
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California Road Conditions (CalTrans)

Interstate 5 (i-5)

State Route 299

State Route 44

Road conditions page at

CHP - Traffic Incident Information (Dispatcher's Notes)

CHP - Traffic Incident Information - Redding Area (Dispatcher's Notes)

CalTrans traffic webcams for the Redding Area (All webcams shots on one page)

CalTrans traffic webcams for the Redding Area (Map of all webcams)

CalTrans webcam at i-5 and Fawndale Rd.

CalTrans webcam at i-5 and Highway 44 (Central Redding)

CalTrans webcam Lake Boulevard (Redding)

CalTrans webcam i-5 and Riverside Drive (Anderson)

CalTrans webcam i-5 and Deschutes Rd. (Factory Outlets)

CalTrans webcam i-5 and South Bonneyview Rd.

Interstate 5 (i-5) exit numbers (Adobe Acrobat - .PDF file)

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Shasta County Office of Education

Schools and Districts in Shasta County

Public Schools in Shasta County

Charter Schools in Shasta County

Shasta College

Shasta College Library

Simpson University

Shasta Bible College

Lake College

Search Engines
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Map of Redding, California - Google maps

Map of Redding, California -

Map of Redding, California -

NOTE: At last check, the Yahoo and MapQuest maps above didn't show the way State Route 299 was re-routed through the City of Redding. The route change also included designating a portion of the old 299 route as an extention of Highway 44. The map below shows the new route for 299. The "proposed" route on the map below is the new 299 route.

The Google map correctly shows the 299 route through Redding.

  • Map of State Route 299 as it now passes through Redding, California (original map)
  • Map of State Route 299 as it now passes through Redding, California (map rotated and oriented to north)

    Main Menu
    Information about Shasta Lake houseboats, resorts, camping and recreation.

    Shasta Lake Business Owners Association
    The official website of the Shasta Lake Business Owners Association.

    Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association
    A source of tourism, recreation and travel information for northern California.

    Redding Convention and Visitors Bureau -

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    Road Condition Links

    City of Redding Airports Division

    Redding Municipal Airport

    Benton Airpark (Benton Airport)

    Caltrans (District 2)

    Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA)


    Greyhound Bus

    Shasta County Regional Transportation Planning Agency

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    Redding, California weather

    The Weather Channel - Redding, CA

    Current weather conditions at Redding Municipal Airport

    West Coast Satellite Image -

    Doppler Radar

    California Earthquake Map (USGS)

    California Highway Conditions (CALTRANS)

    Road Conditions page at

    Weather page at

    Road Condition Links

    Wi-Fi HotSpots (WiFi Hot Spots)
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    Wi-Fi hotspot list at

    Jobs, Employment
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    Redding Help Wanted -

    Redding Jobs -

    TV Stations (television)
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    KRCR NewsChannel 7 TV
    ABC affiliate

    KNVN Channel 24 TV
    NBC affiliate

    KHSL TV Channel 12 TV
    CBS affiliate

    KIXE Channel 9
    PBS - Public Television

    FM Radio
    Main Menu Mapleton Communications Company

    KFPR 88.9 Northstate Public Radio (Redding)

    KCHO 91.7 Northstate Public Radio (Chico)

    KALF 95.7 "95.7 KALF, Today's Best Country" (Country)

    KRRX 106.1 "106X" (Classic Rock)

    KESR 107.1 "Jack FM - playing what we want"

    KNCQ 97.3 "Q97" (Country)

    KHRD 103.1 / 99.3 "Red 103.1 & 99.3" (Rock)

    KEWB 94.7 "Power 94"(Dance, Top 40)

    KSHA 104.3 "K-Shasta" (Soft Rock)

    KNNN 99.3 "HANK FM" (Country)

    KRDG 105.3 "Oldies 105.3" (50's/70's)

    KVIP 98.1 (Christian Radio)

    Shasta Lake Radio Internet Music Station

    Main Menu

    The Shasta Podcaster

    AM Radio
    Main Menu

    KQMS 1400 AM (News Talk)

    KNRO 1670 AM (ESPN Sports)

    KVIP 540 AM (Christian Radio)

    KLXR 1230 AM (Oldies)